The GPSA immunisation program supports the National Immunisation Program, the General Practice Immunisation Incentives and National and SA state based immunisation programs.

Program Objectives:

GPSA provides assistance, advocacy and leadership to all Divisions of General Practice in South Australia and supports these Divisions in supporting General Practices to provide quality immunisation services and increase the immunisation coverage rates.

The GPSA immunisation program also works towards increasing childhood immunisation coverage rates, targeting hard to reach populations, supporting immunisation education across the state and provides advocacy for Divisions and South Australia at State and National levels.

GSPA also facilitates regular SA Local immunisation Coordinators Network meetings bringing together Immunisation Coordinators from all Divisions of General Practice in South Australia, representatives from the SA Health Department and the Australian General Practice Network. Network meetings facilitate the exchange of current and topical immunisation information and report on advancements and developments in the field of immunisation.

Immunisation Statistics – Immunisation Coverage Rates

Immunisation coverage rates are a measure of vaccinations administered to children in Australia up to 7 years of age. Within the Divisions of General Practice, these rates are calculated from General Practice Incentive Initiative Scheme data and are produced on a quarterly basis by the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register on a quarterly basis (February, May, August, and November). The vaccines included in the coverage rate calculations are some, but not all, of the vaccines offered on the National Immunisation Program- Immunisation Schedule.

Coverage rates attained by the Divisions of General Practice are produced nationally and at State level. The latest coverage rates are listed below:

SA level

National Level

Immunisation statistics – SA Leads the Nation

Congratulations to the Mid North Division of Rural Medicine in achieving 94.6% as the “Overall Immunisation Coverage Rate” in the November 2008 GPII calculations. This was the highest Overall Immunisation Coverage Rate achieved for this time period thus ranking the Mid North Division of Rural Medicine as Number One in Australia.
Ms Christine Haydon, Immunisation Coordinator for the Mid North Division of Rural Medicine, says this was achieved by working closely with General Practices including specific targeting of practices with the lowest immunisation rates, as well as focussing specific immunisation promotional incentives to the age groups with the lowest recorded immunisation coverage rates.

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