Health Provider Registry

Providing better, safer, faster distribution of clinical healthcare information to GPs, Specialists and Allied Health

What is the Health Provider Registry?

A central and authoritative source of healthcare providers’ contact details to enable communication of patient information across the state. Providers are listed by consent.

Who has access to the Health Provider Registry?

Any private health care provider or health related organisation that has a clinical need to communicate with health care providers about their patients can apply to have access.

The HPRy provides the following benefits to healthcare providers and their patients:

  • One directory for healthcare providers for referrals and communications. It includes providers’ Medicare status and service provision details eg specialisations
  • The HPRy is available via free web access to all providers who consent to list
  • Enables more appropriate referrals from GPs. A sample of the service directory can be Public Search Page found here
  • Facilitates more efficient and accurate distribution of patients’ clinical information among healthcare providers and between hospitals and providers eg e-Health Care Planning and Discharge Summaries
  • Saves time. Providers need to update their contact details only once to notify other health care providers and hospitals
  • Enables Public Health Alerts & Information to reach all doctors efficiently

All providers need to ‘opt in’ by completing and signing the appropriate consent form to be on the HPRy. A consent form is available from the Resources and Links area below.
For free web access to the HPRy complete and sign the HPRy practice access application from the downloads area below (consenting providers only)

For enquiries please email or phone (08) 8271 8988

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Program Contacts:
Name: Gary Holzer
Position: HPRy Program Manager
Phone: 0417 094 921
Fax: (08) 8271 8344

Name: Jill Poulton
Position: HPRy Program Co-ordinator
Phone: (08) 8271 8988
Fax: (08) 8271 8344

Name: Carol Kuerschner
Position: HPRy Program Support Officer
Phone: (08) 8271 8988
Fax: (08) 8271 8344