GP Access to Psychiatrists
Two options for psychiatrist advice for GPs on management of patients with mental health problems.

One-off patient assessments and advice for the managing GP through GP-PASA 291

  • one-off psychiatric assessments and management advice for patients you can manage in your practice
  • one pathway to Better Access referrals
  • one number to ring for a reserved appointment: 1800 721 899 (formerly 8172 2050)

Brief protocol when you call to ensure request is appropriate:

  1. Is your patient in a crisis situation? NO
  2. Will you be responsible for the continuing care of the patient? YES
  3. Is a one-off assessment and management plan appropriate support for care of this patient? YES
  4. Do you require the assessment for a third party eg court, superannuation fund? NO
  5. Are there risk factors that would make attendance by this patient at private psychiatrist rooms inappropriate? NO

GP-PASA 291 gives the requesting GP an appropriate appointment for the patient in the following couple of weeks

Written assessment and management plan back to the GP within 14 days of the appointment

Call dedicated line 1800 721 899 (formerly 8172 2050) (9am – 5pm, M to F) for an appointment

Brief GP details taken. Appointment details given to GP for confirmation direct to psychiatrist rooms within 24 hours

Referral letter including a clear statement of the goal for the assessment to be faxed to psychiatrist rooms before assessment.

Further information

  • Each psychiatrist maintains his/her individual billing practice. The patient needs to ensure they know the method of payment and cost before the appointment
  • Adelaide-based private psychiatrists
  • Assessments under MBS Psychiatry Item 291
  • GP-PASA 291 funded by SA Department of Health

Evaluation of consumer and carer experience of Item 291 assessments
GPs using GP-PASA are invited to recruit patients into this evaluation funded by the Australian Rotary Health Research Fund. (Scroll down to view the evaluation documents)

Urgent psychiatrist advice on patient management by phone within 24 hours (Operated by RACGP, funded by DoHA)

Call GP Psych Support 1800 200 588

Name: Jill Poulton, GPSA
Phone: (08) 8271 8988