Divisions Network eHealth Program


The focus of the eHealth team is to support the roll-out of the Divisions Network eHealth (DNeH) Program throughout SA, in collaboration with Divisions of General Practice in SA.

This includes assisting Divisions and their members in developing high quality electronic health systems by improving the safety and quality of care, and other efficiencies, through the timely capture, use and exchange of clinical and administrative data.

Program Objectives:

  • Build the information management capacity of Divisions, primarily through the implementation of the Information Management Maturity Framework.
  • Supporting Divisions to actively engage general practice in information management.
  • Promote and support Divisions in best practice.
  • Support Divisions to help primary care providers to make sound decisions about their use of tools and processes in the capture and use of quality clinical data.
  • Promote and support the implementation of eHealth initiatives to Divisions.

eHealth PIP: The eHealth PIP (Practice Incentive Program) replaces the current IM/IT PIP in August 2009. Medicare has commenced distributing PIP Guidelines and Application Forms to all practices. Details of the program can be found on the DoHA website and the Medicare website.

There are 3 criteria outlined in the eHealth PIP:

  • Secure Messaging – Practice must comply by 31 July. This extension is due to the list of NeHTA compliant messaging providers not being available until 14 April 2009. Click here to view the Eligible Supplier list on the NEHTA website. To be on the list, suppliers’ secure messaging products must currently comply or be actively working towards complying with the appropriate NeHTA secure messaging standards.
  • PKI Certificates – A practice must have a location PKI certificate and each practitioner at the practice (locums are exempt) must have their own individual PKI certificate. Practice must compy or have submitted applications to Medicare by 30 April. PKI information can be obtained from the Medicare website or by phoning 1800 700 199.
  • Clinical Resources – Practitioners must have access to key electronic clinical resources from their desktop. Practice must comply by 30 April

As with all PIP payments, practices must have been compliant for a full 3 month period before claiming; hence the 30 April deadline for an August payment. If a practice cannot meet the 31 July deadline extension for Secure Messaging compliance after submitting their 30 April application they must notify Medicare of their non-compliance. Once practices comply, they are assumed to be compliant from then on unless they inform Medicare otherwise. The $6.50 SWPE (Standardised Whole Patient Equivalent) payments are capped at $12,500 per quarter.

Download the eHealth PIP Guidelines and the eHealth PIP Application form

National eHealth Startegy: National eHealth Strategy Summary

Program Contact(s):

Name: Greg Holden
Position: Information Services Manager
Email: greg.holden@gpsa.org.au
Phone: (08) 8271 8988
Fax: (08) 8271 8344