Chronic Disease Self Management


The Australian Better Health Initiative (ABHI), is a national initiative designed to strengthen the health system’s focus on promoting good health and reducing the burden of chronic disease.

‘Encouraging active patient self-management’ is an identified priority area within ABHI.

GPSA has received funding from the Australian Government, Department of Health and Ageing, to strengthen the capacity of the existing and future primary care workforce to support chronic disease self-management (CDSM).

Program Objectives:

Under the banner of the Australian General Practice Network (AGPN) and State Based Organisation (SBO) Chronic Disease Self-Management Support Network, the GPSA State-wide CDSM Program Coordinator aims to:

  • Provide the Divisions network with a stronger focus on CDSM and CDSM support
  • Increase primary care providers awareness and understanding of what is meant by CDSM support
  • Provide opportunities for discussion and promotion of CDSM and CDSM support
  • Facilitate wide dissemination of new and existing CDSM support training, resources and information
  • Increase systematic adoption and promotion of self management programs
  • Increase integration between SAs CDSM Network initiatives and other State and Territory CDSM programs
  • Promote linkages to primary care programs, other ABHI initiatives, State and Territory Governments and consumer groups.

Resources & Links:

Australian Better Health Initiative (ABHI)
SA Department of Health: CDM & CDSM Strategies
Government of South Australia: Human Services Finder

The place to access information about health, housing, family and community services from the private, public and community sectors in South Australia.

  • To locate only self-management support services that are Stanford-accredited, use Issue/Service/Location and type “Stanford” into the box.
  • To locate only self-management support services that use the Flinders Model, use Issue/Service/Location and type “Flinders” into the box
  • To locate any self-management support service, use Issue/Service/Location and type “CCSMS” or “self management” into the box.

Southern Adelaide Health Service Chronic Condition Self-Management Group Courses
An online list of all Stanford courses in the Southern Adelaide Metropolitan area is now available on the SAHS website

HealthInsite: Self Management of Chronic Diseases
FHBHRU: The ‘Flinders Model’ of Chronic Condition Self-Management
Stanford Self-Management Programs (Kate Lorig)
Arthritis Australia
COTA Moving Towards Wellness

‘Moving towards Wellness’ is a chronic disease self management program offered by COTA Seniors Connec. The program, funded by the Department of Health and Ageing, aims to help people with chronic conditions to manage them better through the provision of information and management techniques.

Diabetes Australia
Diabetes Outreach: SA Department of Health

A great link for health professionals and consumers: Diabetes Outreach provides continuing education and support to health care providers in rural and remote South Australia

SANE Guide to Good Mental Health for people affected by diabetes

In August 2008, Diabetes Australia and SANE Australia launched a guide to help the nearly 1 million Australians diagnosed with diabetes maintain good mental health. Up to 50% of people with diabetes are thought to also have a mental illness such as depression or anxiety.

The booklet, The SANE Guide to Good Mental Helath for people affected by diabetes, explains the relationship between diabetes and mental health and what people can do to look after themselves. If you would like copies of the guide, go to the Diabetes Australia website and fill in the ‘request for resources’ form or call (02) 6232 3800. For more information about mental illness, visit or contact the SANE Helpline on 1800 18 SANE (7263)

Heart Foundation
Osteoporosis Australia
Mental Health Council of Australia
National Stroke Foundation
The Australian Lung Foundation – Self-Management Plans
National Prescribing Service: Medicines Talk – By consumers for consumers
SA Council on the Ageing (COTA) Seniors Connect Programs
Consumers Health Forum of Australia

CHF is the national voice for health consumers. As an independent membert-based non-government organisation, CHF helps shape Australia’s health system by representing and involving consumers in health policy and program development.

UNSW Centre for Equity in Primary Health Care

Practice based research networks provide the setting and the organisational structure to facilitate and support high quality research in general practice. PHReNet-GP is a practice based research network established by the University of New South Wales, (UNSW) Research Centre for Primary Health Care and Equity. It will support and coordinate the participation of General Practices and Divisions of General Practice in high quality, priority driven primary health care research that makes a difference to clinical practice and health policy.

Membership to PHReNet-GP is open to individual GPs, GP registrars, Divisions of General Practice and Regional Training Provider representatives interested in collaborating with or taking part in research projects with the UNSW Research Centre for Primary Health Care and Equity.

Australian Primary Health Care Research Institute (APHCRI)

APHCRI is an Australian Government initiative established with the aim of embedding a research culture in Australian general practice and primary health care.

The Institute is part of the Primary Health Care Research, Evaluation and Development (PHC RED) strategy and is supported by a grant from the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing.

APHCRI takes a unique approach to research, encouraging collaboration between research teams and policy advisers so the research is informed by policy needs and policy is informed about the research process.

Program Contact(s):
Name: Amanda Allport Haller
Position: Clinical Quality Manager
Phone: (08) 8179 1722
Fax: (08) 8271 8344